So, I’ll be back on Fred from time to time, but it’ll most likely be easier to find me on Mike.

Lab Rats|| Fred & Razz


"Sweetheart? Well pumpkin how about the labs? Plenty of chemicals that will make a good blast." Razz suggested, watching the other man make flames. "Oh, the blue is pretty." He then commented, slipping his handgun out of his holster and moving to the door. Opening it and looking out before stepping into the hallway. It was then that a loud alarm started blaring, making the sniper wince as it made his ears ring.

"That’s annoying." Razz complained, lifting his gun and shooting the speaker above the door. "Come on! Let’s not stay in here any longer." He came back into the room and paused seeing a pile of dog tags on the desk. Frowning he scooped them up and stuffed them in a pocket on his vest, zipping it up to keep them safe. He would look through them later to find his. "Guess they collected soldiers. Though why did they capture you?"

Pfft, pumpkin. Was that some sort of ginger joke? The blaring of the siren made his eyes lost focus for a few seconds, but Fred seemed to recover from it quickly enough. 

"I dunno, the magic?" It seemed like the most obvious answer, but he wasn’t all too sure. "That or something about not staying de- …I mean, who really knows what they’re after? This isn’t usually within the realm of shit I get involved in." He didn’t mean to come off as defensive or anything, but he already seemed like he wanted to leave. 

"You’re the one leading the way here, no? I’ll be right behind you."

So, I’ll be back on Fred from time to time, but it’ll most likely be easier to find me on Mike.

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"Sorry. I just really want sticking with y'all to work out. And it's been hard so far."

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madhatterohogwarts whispered -- "Are you crazy?" 




"No!" He pleaded. "It happened, why would I lie? I’ve got the scars to prove it!"

His twin did have a point, but Fred simply shrugged. “I just… I do, it’s just kinda strange, yeah?”

He frowned, looking defeated. “I know…I know it is. It took a lot of trial and error, but I did it and it worked.”

Fred paused for a moment, not sure what to do, then gave George a light pat on the shoulder. “Aren’t there usually… consequences to this sorta thing? Not that I’m worried about arbitrary rules like that, but still.”

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  1. Our muses have started a fire while cooking
  2. Part of your muse’s clothing is on fire, my muse is on the scene
  3. A scientific experiment goes wrong. Explosively wrong.
  4. Our muses are trapped in a burning forest
  5. Our muses are sitting around a campfire, enjoying the night
  6. Your muse turns the fire hose on mine as a prank
  7. One of our muses is playing with fire, the other is trying to stop them from getting burned…
  8. Your muse walks in on mine burning old photographs
  9. Our muses make a fire in the back yard and burn old memories
  10. Our muses are watching the fireworks

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Really amazing roleplayer: “Hi! Can we rp? I think you’re amazing!”