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❄ Pregnancy Specific Starter Sentences ❄


There’s a parenting list and I felt it’s time to make a pregnancy specific list; Feel free to add more to it, please! 

"I’m pregnant and it’s yours."
"I’m pregnant and it’s NOT yours!"
"Are you pregnant?"
"Are you sure I’m the father?"
"According to the scan we’re having a boy/girl!"
"Twins? How are we supposed to handle twins?!"
"Can you feel it kicking?"
"Do you want to feel it kicking?"
"You’re not fat! You’re pregnant!"
"You can’t go, you’re pregnant!"
"I know you have cravings, but how can you eat that?"
"I could kill for some pickles.. and peanut butter.. OH and chicken!"
"How far along are you?"
"Are you sure I’ll be a good mum/dad?"
"Congratulations on the sex!"
"Are you really going to name it that? Poor thing!"
"Is he/she looking forward to being a big brother/sister?"
"According to the doctors, this is perfectly normal."
"The baby’s coming!"

❄ Send “You take such joy in pretending you’re okay” to see how my muse reacts. ❄


Imagine your icon crying because someone they loved died

❄ My character shows yours a mysterious button a stranger gave them and told them not to press it under ANY circumstances. If your character couldn’t resist the temptation, send me ◉. ❄



I’ll generate a number between 1-30 and we’ll see what happens…

WARNING! Mix of funny, strange, and angsty! Some trigger warnings may apply. 

*Please be sure not to accidentally send an answer to an archive hosting the meme, such as its creator at inboxideas. Please do not remove this notice. Thank you and happy roleplaying!


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Commissions post! A.K.A. College acts like I get paid more than I actually get paid.

  • Simple cartoony/”retro” icons: $2 for black and white, $3 for color
  • Half body: $10 for sketch or black and white, $12 if you’d like the colored/white silhouette in the background(you get at least two if specified, any more than that and you have to add a dollar for each color)
  • Puppet-like icon: $1

Extra info:

  • These will all be flat colored.
  • Will need references if you want something furry-related.
  • No NSFW.
  • I’ll make p much any of them transparent with no extra charge, I just need you to tell me that in the email. Otherwise, specify what color you want the background color to be.
  • The puppet-like things will always be transparent, though.

If you want to talk about it, send an ask to my tumblr or email me at peacefultorment@hotmail.com! I have a button up on my blog that you can pay through.

I’ll also do bust(head, shoulders, upper chest) sketches of any muse/OC for $5.


smilinguntilipassout whispered -- ≗ Bathing in waters in a forbidden forest isn't the smartest of ideas. 


Fred glanced around, looking for the source of the voice, then paused for a few moments. He honestly didn’t think the stories of the spring were real, and it wasn’t like he could completely rule out Luna’s voice as a mild hallucination, so that meant he could just dis- Wait… that was Luna’s voice. A confused expression settled on his face as he sank back down into the water to contemplate the realization, then he exhaled slowly. She wasn’t really all that bad a person…

Well, who really knew how the whole soulmate thing worked anyway?

the-roof-walker whispered -- pinned ||evil|| 



Send me ‘pinned’ and my character will react to yours pinning them against the wall.

The wixard finds themselves up against a wall, which is usually nice when it comes to figuring out their surroundings, but being pushed up against it sort of diminished any positive feelings about it. Nervously grinning, they try to pacify the creature with words. “Er… I’m sure we can talk this out, yeah? Just, um… stop with the snarling stuff for a bit. Y-you don’t have to if you don’t want to, I mean, it’d-it’d-it’d just be nice an’ all and Godric what is with this sharp shit—” Staff gripped tightly in hand, they manage to give the wall behind them a tap. Realizing that those were claws, they frown and try to push the creature off them.

"Okay, c’mon now… it’s only funny for a little while."

The creature gave a dark snarl, wondering how they’d found the other again. They managed to get away last time but now… He still didn’t know what to do with them! Disgusting mortal with the delicious scent of magic… If he killed them that smell would leave, the feelings would dissipate, he’d lose his last link to anything pleasurable. He inhaled deeply the scent, ignoring the others struggles and complaints, holding them in place with his clawed hands.

He growled softly at their words, face moving close to theirs. Freakish little magician, missing their sight and being so bright and colorful in general. How did they survive anything? He snarled close to their face, the smell of blood on his breath, before he released them, stepping back, ready to dodge any spell. Killing them wasn’t an option. But he wasn’t going to leave them. He was addicted to the magic all ready, he needed time to make a choice on what to do… Maybe just a bite… magic blood was so… lovely.

Clawed hands… somehow, that was famili-Shit. It was that monster again, it had to be! They remembered how their staff was taken last time, but being aggressive didn’t seem to work last time, so they held it in front of them, already trying to pull up a warding spell. “S… stay away from me, whatever you are.” They realized that they couldn’t exactly put a name to whatever it was, since it didn’t seem able to talk. Well, that didn’t mean nicknames were out of the question.

"Er, claws… C-Claus. Yeah, back away Claus. I… I don’t wanna have to use force! Or… whatever." Uninspired, yeah, but they tried backing it up with an admittedly weak wave of force from the staff. Honestly, they were still shaken by the scent of blood on the creature’s breath, though that was probably obvious.

❄ There is a natural spring somewhere in a forbidden wilderness far away, said to possess mystical powers. It is said, that the person who bathes in it will hear the voice of their soulmate. ❄

Send me ≗ and a phrase and my character will react to hearing your character’s voice say that to them while in the Spring water.